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2014 at St. Paul’s UMC – Cause for Celebration

January, 2015

Message from Bro Steve

As we celebrate the coming of another year, (2015 – can you believe it?), let’s look back at 2014.

The biggest thing that happened at St. Paul’s UMC last year was the re-chartering of United Methodist Women.  Not only has this group been re-chartered, they are charged up.  They are very active, both inside the church and out into the world.

We have continued to do other things as well.  VBS for Grownups has received much attention, and it was fantastic, but we also continued to help with the third Saturday Cook & Serve outreach and had regular VBS.  When we put this with several Bible Studies and special worship services we see how active we have been.

We lost many dedicated members last year, but the church continued to grow.  The choir is growing and the monthly Chip-n-Tater skits help bring in new people. Look around during worship.  Notice how many faces are there that were not there even two years ago.  That is exciting.

I have said over and over during the past three years that we can and will make a difference, now we are seeing how that is happening.

Don’t stop now, the work is not done.  We will celebrate 50 years at this campus in February.  This church has experienced the ups and downs that come with life during those 50 years.  Guess what?  We are still here.  We are still proclaiming the gospel and still making a difference in our world.  That is cause for celebration.

Happy New Year!!!  Now let’s get busy.

Go-Fight-Win.  Amen.

Bro Steve




St. Paul’s UMC Host Cook N Serve on Second Street

Saturday St. Paul’s members hosted the Second Street Cook N Serve, serving chill and cornbread. Health kits and clothing were given to all who came for this truly free lunch. As always everyone received a blessing especially those who had the privilege of serving this meal. Join us next month for your own chance to serve others through this ministry of love on Second Street.


Church Wide Christmas Party

St. Paul’s Christmas party followed the December 14th Sunday morning service. Fun, fellowship and a skit just as Bro Steve promised were the highlights of a great meal. It is such a blessing when God’s children get together and share. Plan on attending our next church wide meal 4th Sunday following the service

Christmas party meal at St. Paul's United Methodist Church

Christmas party meal at St. Paul's United Methodist Church

Christmas party meal at St. Paul's United Methodist Church

Christmas party meal at St. Paul's United Methodist Church

Christmas at St. Paul’s

Good Morning Everybody!

  We have had some excellent worship services in the past few weeks, this week should be great as well. Chip-n-Tater will do their Christmas skit THIS WEEK, (I know, this is just the second week, but there is method in the madness.) We have had a young family with a small boy as our guests the past two weeks. They like St. Paul’s and will be here this week, but will be gone on the 21st, so we are bumping the puppets up a week. Tell friends!

  Also, we will have our annual Christmas party after church this week. Please bring a covered dish, (preferably with something in it) and join us for fellowship and a special skit. Again, invite friends! Remember the advent study on Thursday evenings at 5:30, and invite friends.

  Are you spotting a trend? St. Paul’s is doing things, fun things, exciting things. We need to tell people so they can have fun, fellowship and excitement as well.

Go-Fight-Win. Amen.

Bro Steve

Thursday Evening Advent Bible Study

advent study1 advent study2 Thursday, December 4, 2014 started our advent studies. The Wesleyan Way- A Faith That Matters is the new study. It is a curriculum based study that addresses the most pressing questions of life and faith.  We meet at 5:30 for food and fellowship. Since we had potatoes left over from this weeks fifth Sunday lunch, Bro Steve made his famous baked potato soup.

Join us for the next installment of this thought provoking study of Wesleyan answers to the important questions of the Christian faith.

* Week one we discussed salvation, its meaning and how it guides our lives as Christians.

*Week two we explored God as Love, what our purpose is in this world. As Adam Hamilton, the senior Pastor of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas, said in the video presentation “God is love.  We are meant to live a life of love, to love God with all our heart and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.   And that love isn’t a warm mushy feeling. It’s an action.” We explored this in but the Old and New Testaments of the Bible and discussed the meaning for our lives.

Join us next week to discuss “It’s a Good World with Issues”. The Wesleyan Way is faithful to Scripture by focusing on the three primary messages of Genesis. We ar made in God’s image – all of us. The guess video speaker will be Olu Brown, Lead Pastor of the Impact United Methodist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, talking about the “Hands and Feet of Christ”. Bro Steve is making his legendary Red Beans. So join us Thursday, December 18th for Food and Fellowship and thought provoking Bible study.

Festival of Trees

We are happy to announce that St. Paul’s is sponsoring a tree at the Festival of Trees at the Museum of East Texas this year. This is another way for us to reach out to our community and make ourselves known. All are welcome and encouraged to come see and support our tree. The Festival opens Monday, Nov. 24th. Hours are 10 AM till 5 PM. Another first for st. Paul’s!

St. Paul's Christmas Tree entry in the Festival of Trees at the Museum of East Texas

St. Paul’s Christmas Tree entry in the Festival of Trees at the Museum of East Texas

Oh no! Christmas is coming.

Oh no! Christmas is coming! Every year it seems that this final holiday of the year comes with a little more gusto. Don’t get me wrong – I love Christmas! I am a little kid trapped in a bigger kid’s body, and it doesn’t take much to let that inner eight year old out.

The question is this: What is Christmas really about? If you said giving, you were mostly right. Christmas is the time we celebrate the greatest gift of all, God’s gift of His Son Jesus. I have absolutely no problem with this at all. I do have to ask the question, Is this really what we are celebrating?

What are you giving this Christmas? For so many of us Christmas has become the celebration of giving a bunch of plastic junk, wrapped in pretty paper. I give things that people really don’t need or want to some people I really don’t know. I look at the way our society thrives in this time of ‘I want’ and it almost makes me sick. God gave His only Son, and we give fruitcake.

I will ask the question again: What are you giving for Christmas? It’s okay to give people gifts. It’s okay to have parties and bonuses. It’s okay to gather with friends and family, that’s what makes this season fun – and it’s okay to have fun.

As we celebrate this year, give a gift that matters. Show God’s love by feeding or clothing a stranger. Go to a nursing home and visit people that many have forgotten. Sing a song, out loud! Let people see the gift God gave by the things you do. That’s what Christmas is really about.

Go-Fight-Win. Amen.

Bro Steve

St. Paul’s cooks and serves soup

Cook and Serve each 3rd weekend

Saturday the members of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church served potato soup and all the fixing to 250 people at ‘Cook N’ Serve’ on second street. It was a chilly 50 degrees, a perfect day for the hot soup lunch that was enjoyed by 250 people from the second street area in Lufkin. St. Paul’s serves a free lunch to all who come on every third Saturday of the month. Volunteer to be a part of this ministry to share God’s love by serving others in need.

United Methodist Women meeting Thursday

United Methodist Women meet Thursdays at 11:30am in the Fellowship Hall of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.


St.Paul’s United Methodist Women will meet on Dec. 18th at 11:30 am. Each lady is asked to bring a wrapped fun gift (limit $5.00) to exchange. Bonnie Killam will install the officers for 2015. Snacks will be provided by the officers so, you don’t need to bring a sack lunch, All ladies are welcome to come and have a party with us!!