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A Word from Bro Steve

  Bro Steve at the PulpitWe are breaking new ground this month at St. Paul’s! I mean that literally as well as figuratively. For those who do not know, the East District of the Texas annual Conference is building office space (great movie!) directly behind our campus. They have begun the construction process, and at time that can be messy. At the end, however, the new building will help our present campus, with a few new parking spaces if nothing else.

  We are breaking ground in other ways as well. I firmly believe that building causes curiosity, and curiosity brings opportunity. So, we will be building, (figuratively) this advent season.

  We are studying Jorge Acevedo’s new journey Sent. Starting on Tuesday, November 24, we will discover how, where, and why we are sent. This study will last 5 weeks, and is available for everybody. The time is from 1:00PM to 3:00PM. Study books are available for 10.00.

    We are having a Christmas party lunch on November 29th, (fifth Sunday). This will be a pot luck dinner, so bring a covered dish-preferably with something in it, and stay after worship for this time of fellowship. We are also having special services and programs throughout the advent season. Go to www.lufkinstpauls for information.

  We are going to be excited and intentional with our evangelism this advent season.  That can be outside our comfort zone and at times even a little messy or scary. But, in the end it will help us grow, numerically as well as spiritually. Isn’t that the reason we are members of this church? (The correct answer is YES!) When people ask “what is going on at your church?” (and they will), answer them with “we are breaking new ground, and we are building”.

Go-Fight-Win. Amen.

Bro Steve

How St. Paul’s Congregation Uses Talents

In Bro Steve’s sermon on “Owning the Brand”, he discusses how a Christian congregation can use its talents to share God’s love in the community. Bro Steve shares the stories of other Methodist churches and how they are growing the faith and challenges the St. Paul’s congregation to do likewise.

Go Fight Win

Cook N Serve

Great Mission Opportunity

Hello Everybody!reading   

We have been given a great mission opportunity . Dr. Marilyn Broughton, who is a reading specialist at AC, has approached us about setting up a literacy program at Cook-n-Serve. She already does one at Diboll and has done these ministries in other states for many years. It will be offered both in English and Spanish.
What we plan to do is start the reading tutorials at 9:30 on the first, third and last Saturdays there on Second Street.
We will hopefully need people to volunteer to help tutor. She can teach you the program in a little over an hour. We will start signing people up this week to kick off on our third week. We will work in both English and English as a second language, (Spanish). If you are moved to help, Call Marilyn at (772) 940-9910 ( it is a free call) or email at mbroughton@angelina.edu or call me at (936) 676-8584, killam_steve@hotmail.com.
G0-Fight-Win. Amen.
Bro Steve

United Methodist Women

Marilyn Edens-Treasurer
The United Methodist Women will meet Thurday at 11:30 am for lunch. Bring a brown bag lunch w/drink. Marilyn Edens will give her presentation on Rehab. Don’t forget to bring school supplies for the kits that will go to UMCOR.

Tammy’s Testimony

February 15, 2015 Tammy, a member of the St. Paul’s Chancel Choir shared her testimony before the invitational hymn was sung. Tammy relates to the congregation how a hymn written by Andrae Crouch brought her to Christ.


St. Paul’s UMC Host Cook N Serve on Second Street

Saturday St. Paul’s members hosted the Second Street Cook N Serve, serving chill and cornbread. Health kits and clothing were given to all who came for this truly free lunch. As always everyone received a blessing especially those who had the privilege of serving this meal. Join us next month for your own chance to serve others through this ministry of love on Second Street.