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An Afternoon of Chip N Tater

An Afternoon with

Chip ‘n’ Tater

Ben Killam and Grider Killam as Chip & Tater

Ben Killam (Chip) & Grider Killam (Tater)

2:00PM Sunday July 19th @ St. Paul’s UMC
1505 S. John Redditt Drive
Lufkin, Texas

Fun for the entire family!!!
Puppets- and More!!!
For more information call (936)676-8584

What does Vacation Bible School and Puppets have in common?

Both are great fun! This year St. Paul’s will be holding Vacation Bible School at the Second Street ‘Cook N Serve‘ location. Planning for this event is underway at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. If you wish to be part of this opportunity to show God’s love in our community contact  the church office or Bro Steve Killam.

Chip and Tater have new friends!

We received a notice from the post office saying there was a box for Chip-n-Tater. We picked up the box and inside were five new friends for Chip and Tater. These refuges were from south of the river (Colorado River) and were just looking for a new home.  Sunday we were introduced to the first of our immigrant friends. David is a grey haired, crotchety old prophet. As soon as some of the others get over their shyness, they may appear as well. We all want to welcome our new puppets.

How St. Paul’s Congregation Uses Talents

In Bro Steve’s sermon on “Owning the Brand”, he discusses how a Christian congregation can use its talents to share God’s love in the community. Bro Steve shares the stories of other Methodist churches and how they are growing the faith and challenges the St. Paul’s congregation to do likewise.

Go Fight Win

Cook N Serve

Easter Miracle

Good Morning Everybody!

I hope all are doing wonderful today. I have to share the Easter miracle that happened in our 11:00 service. For those who could not make it, Georgia Minces was set to sing special music. She had her background music on a CD and the disc would not play. We tried and tried, but it wasn’t going to work. Georgia sang the song acapella and it was beautiful.  For those that did not know, we played the CD earlier to get it timed, and it worked fine!
Sometimes satan does that. He knows that music can touch us like no other media can. I firmly believed it was no accident that the CD did not play. Her is the good news- God is in control!!! Was it easy for Georgia to do what she did? No,  but God gave her talent and strength. Did satan win? No, if anything the song had more power because of the obstacle that was overcome.
That is the whole Easter story in a nutshell. Evil caused mans hearts to turn, and evil killed Jesus on a cross. But did evil win? No! God is in control and because of the resurrection that became more powerful. Satan is a punk. Remember this- God can, and will take the catastrophes of life and make them victories.
By the way, as I was doing my Tuesday morning work, I went to check out the CD player, to see if it needs to be fixed. Georgia left her CD here, and guess what? It played just fine today. Played fine before the service, played on Tuesday. Have I said that satan is a punk? Guess what? Punks don’t win. They can aggravate and frustrate, but God will always win.
Go-Fight-Win. Amen.
Bro Steve

Great Mission Opportunity

Hello Everybody!reading   

We have been given a great mission opportunity . Dr. Marilyn Broughton, who is a reading specialist at AC, has approached us about setting up a literacy program at Cook-n-Serve. She already does one at Diboll and has done these ministries in other states for many years. It will be offered both in English and Spanish.
What we plan to do is start the reading tutorials at 9:30 on the first, third and last Saturdays there on Second Street.
We will hopefully need people to volunteer to help tutor. She can teach you the program in a little over an hour. We will start signing people up this week to kick off on our third week. We will work in both English and English as a second language, (Spanish). If you are moved to help, Call Marilyn at (772) 940-9910 ( it is a free call) or email at mbroughton@angelina.edu or call me at (936) 676-8584, killam_steve@hotmail.com.
G0-Fight-Win. Amen.
Bro Steve

Palm Sunday

Ben helps Paps get out of trouble?

Bro Steve’s Palm Sunday sermon  starts Holy week off with a bang! Palm leaves laid across the road to keep Christ donkey out of the muck and mire while crowds shout “Hosanna (Save Us, Save Us)” paints a vivid picture of Jesus entry into Jerusalem. Bro Steve brings this home to us with a story of his own cries for help as he found himself stuck in the mud and mire of an East Texas field.

April Message from Bro Steve

Bro Steve at the PulpitIt is time! This is that great part of our Christian calendar, the week of Easter. Holy week is what really separates the Christian disciple from all God s other children on earth. This is the week we celebrate his greatness as we feel the excitement of palm Sunday. But then it goes bad-very bad!

Through very solemn services on Maundy Thursday we feel Jesus agony as he prepares for betrayal, arrest and torture. Then on Good Friday, (really  Good Friday?) we mourn the suffering and his death. But that is not the last of the week.

Christ the Lord is risen today, Alleluia!

Earth and heaven in chorus say, Alleluia!

Raise your joys and triumphs high, Alleluia!

Sing, ye heavens and earth reply, Alleluia!

These wonderful words written over 250 years ago by Charles Wesley sum up our praise and joy as well as anything. This is what Easter and the whole Holy Week experience is all about. Jesus, Son of God, our protector and redeemer lives!

I invite each and every one to become involved this Holy Week. Go to Burke on Thursday, come to St. Paul s on Friday, and celebrate the risen Lord on Easter Sunday. We will worship at 7:00 AM outside as well as our normal 11:00 AM service. Come, invite others, get excited!

Love s redeeming work is done, Alleluia!

Fought the Fight, the battle won, Alleluia!

Death in vain forbids him rise, Alleluia!

Christ has opened Paradise, Alleluia!

Go-Fight-Win. Amen.

Bro Steve

Jesus Didn’t Blame Anybody

Think back to the story of how Jesus was crucified. He must have been lonely – more lonely than anyone else before or since. His execution was a crime, but he forgave. Even as the nails were hammered home through those gentle hands and feet, his first thoughts were to bless and pray for those around him. He blamed no one. Could we do the same? How often we blame someone else. ‘Have this mind in you which was in Christ Jesus… who emptied himself… humbled himself…became obedient unto death.’

Through that death on the cross it is possible for us to know him as a friend. And it’s only by accepting him as Lord that you find him as Savior.

Florence Nisbet