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A Word from Bro Steve

  Bro Steve at the PulpitCan you feel it? It is cool outside. In fact, sometimes it is cold. Winter has finally come. For those who haven’t figured it out – I am a spring and summer kind of guy, (the wearing of short pants year round should have been a clue).

     Winter is cold and wet, and I don’t do cold and wet well. It makes things muddy, and the sun doesn’t show up as much as it should. So winter is yucky, right?

No, winter is a time for renewal. It is that time when the whole world seems to retreat. But are we retreating? We are just doing work from a different place. Even though we are not outside, we are planning on what we will do when we go back out into the world.

Winter was the time my grandfather prepared for spring. He decided what crops he would plant and where. He cleared his fields and repaired fences. (In East Texas at the time, you fenced livestock out-not in.)

We are doing the same thing. We know we are going to do great things for the Kingdom of God, but in God’s time-the summer time. But we are planning for Bible studies, for VBS’, and even for special worship.

It’s cold, but we are on FIRE!

Go-Fight-Win. Amen.

Bro. Steve

Great Mission Opportunity

Hello Everybody!reading   

We have been given a great mission opportunity . Dr. Marilyn Broughton, who is a reading specialist at AC, has approached us about setting up a literacy program at Cook-n-Serve. She already does one at Diboll and has done these ministries in other states for many years. It will be offered both in English and Spanish.
What we plan to do is start the reading tutorials at 9:30 on the first, third and last Saturdays there on Second Street.
We will hopefully need people to volunteer to help tutor. She can teach you the program in a little over an hour. We will start signing people up this week to kick off on our third week. We will work in both English and English as a second language, (Spanish). If you are moved to help, Call Marilyn at (772) 940-9910 ( it is a free call) or email at mbroughton@angelina.edu or call me at (936) 676-8584, killam_steve@hotmail.com.
G0-Fight-Win. Amen.
Bro Steve