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A Word from Bro Steve

  Bro Steve at the PulpitWe need everyone’s help. Traditionally the summertime is a time that attendance starts to wain in most congregations. People take vacations or have visitors. Maybe it’s just too hot, or too wet, or too hot. In the natural ebb and flow of church attendance, the summer is known as the “summer swoon”.
St. Paul’s is not like most congregations. We are enjoying nice crowds so far. We need your help to keep that momentum going. You will not be working alone, and we will have several programs that will help.
Our VBS for Grownups will be August 10,11,and 12. We will meet at 5:30 PM for snacks and finish around 7:30. Our theme this year is “Pair ‘uh Bulls of Jesus” the cowboy way. It will be lots of fun. What could make it more fun? More people. Start spreading the news now!!! This is something we need to tell, because it is one of the things we do very well.
The summer worship will be fun as well. I will dress a little more casual, ( just kidding- I don’t think I can get anymore casual.) We will do some things a little different however. What things? I’m sorry, you will have to come and find out. It’s the law.
We need your help. We need everyone to be excited, and to tell people the good news. The Holy Spirit is doing great things at St. Paul’s UMC, go tell your friends.
Go-Fight-Win. Amen.
Bro Steve