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A Word from Bro Steve

  Bro Steve at the Pulpit

 August 2017


Message From Bro Steve

VBS for Grownups is here! Almost. It will be August 15-17 at 5:30 pm. This is a Tuesday through Thursday this year. After reading evaluations from last year we decided to do it mid-week instead of on Friday.

VBS for Grownups is one of the most exciting things we do every year. We have snacks, crafts, singing (lots of singing) and then have lessons. This year’s lesson theme is from the Book of Judges. Each night we will study a different character and how God uses them. I will warn you, most of them are absolute jerks.

This is something each of us can invite people to. Invite friends. Is there someone you always see at a store or restaurant? Invite them. Do you play bridge or 42 with people outside the church? VBS for Grownups may be something they would enjoy.

Jesus commands us to go out and spread the good news to the world. Sometimes, that just seems too hard. Here is a perfect opportunity to evangelize in a painless situation.

Since guests are expected, the congregation needs to show up and be the kind of hosts we do so well.

Churches from around the conference have started to hold their own VBS for Grownups with good success. Yes, we started it, and we do it best. Do not back down from that. In order to continue with the growth that this makes in our church and community, we all need to be involved. It is the most fun you will ever have being evangelistic.

Go-Fight-Win. Amen.

Bro Steve