Chip & Tater

Ben Killam and Grider Killam as Chip & Tater

Ben Killam (Chip) & Grider Killam (Tater)

“I have had many children and adults tell me they learn more from the puppets than they do from the sermon,” Steve said. “As a preacher, that stings, but as a father and writer, that makes me feel good.”

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Chip and Tater discuss the importance of community

Doubting Tater

Chip and Tater prepare for Easter.

Tater learns about pride before the fall.

“It’s Tater Time” – Chip N Tater

Tater expresses Joy and Chip learns to rejoice.

Chip learns the value of laughter.

Chip N Tater learn the true meaning of Easter

Tater has lost his most prize possession. What has happened to Tater’s marbles?

Chip N Tater remind us that words are important and can sometimes hurt.

Chip N Tater meet Scott from Scotland

Chip N Tater make a new friend who passes on his wisdom

Tater teaches Chip the meaning of true forgiveness.

Chip and Tater learn about setting priorities.

Chip and Tater learn how to be a cheerful giver.

Chip helps Tater learn the true meaning of Christmas

Twins Ben Killam (Chip) and Grider Killam (Tater)

Twins Ben Killam (Chip) and Grider Killam (Tater) bring puppets to life for church