Prayer List




Baby Ranson

Lucille Gilstrap

Louise Burrous

Nancy Wilson

Jane Collins

Donna & Josh Sweet

Frances Parrish

Wynonna Sanders

Donny Mathews

Gerry Biggs

Karol Green

Peggy Beddingfield

Robert Faulk

Edith Arnold

Judy Brandenburg

Sharron Leatherman

the Sapps

the McGills

the Studinskis

the McPhersons

the Stephensons

Kay March

Nell Higgins,

Desi Cox

Peggy Jones

Elton McCreary

Reniece Adams

Ruby Fain

Stan Toback

Bobby Jones

Larry & Nancy Cox

JoAnn Rhodes

Ruth Eikhoff

Lois Cummings

Alan Toback

Betty Arrington

Les Cahill

Jim Gale

Mildred Tucker

Mary May

Marceline Pennington

Sarah Williams

Bob Weldon

Mary Jo Gordon

Sandra Simpson Ladd

Geraldine Strickland

Howard & LaMyrle Hall

Dr. Lauren Tatum

Julie May

W. C. Book

Aspen Allman

Angie Lock

Garrison Shea

Robert Faulk

Joyce Hall

Lisa McCarty Watts

Jenny Mosley

Dale Nicholson

A. J. Corey

Rev. Jerry Anderson

Larry from Cook & Serve

Sue Loving

Cherly Cox

the Lognion family

Clay Williams

Bertha Maranda

Rev. Betty Kennedy

Marline Yoder

Shaun Peavy

Ida Carrol

Howard McGill’s brother

the Congregation of Ryan Chapel UMC

Our troops and the people of war torn and disaster torn parts of the U.S. and the world.

Carson the bomb sniffing dog

Shaun Peavy has moved into a group home in Beaumont.He would be thrilled to receive the occasional card. Contact the church office for his new address.

Shaun Peavy

New to our list:

Agnes Smith – friend of Ann Reyes*

Grider & Ben Killam & family

Katrina Wilkins & family


Memorial Gifts

In memory of Raymond Weeks

 Jimmy & Jan Gangstad
Nelda Childress
Bert & Charlotte Carpender
Ken & Judy McPherson
Jenese Groth
Marceline Pennington
Lucille Gilstrap